La colección más grande del mundo de barcos a escala hechas por un mismo modelista

La colección más grande del mundo de barcos a escala hechas por un mismo modelista

Ship collection for sale

I want to sell my model ship collection to a museum or collector so it can be displayed to the public.
Here is a description fo my model ship collection and my contact information.
The world´s largest collection of model ships 

More than 650 boats made by the same modeler…
§ 160 built in large scale of 1:48 to 1: 400
§ 510 built in medium and small scale from 1: 415 to 1: 700 (7 in 1: 1250)

more than 20 awards
Airfix International, Navy of Peru, I.P.M.S. Argentina, I.P.M.S Italy, Modelling Mercosur Association, AMEL, and others,

Recognized worldwide
Appears on Wikipedia, on many websites and social networks related to ship modeling, history and worlds navy´s.

Media diffusion and exhibitions
Mathias Cabitza BBC London, magazines, TV channels, museum exhibitions and more.

Erick Navas Naval Modeler
Blog:  |  Facebook: Erick Navas Modelismo Naval  |  Mail:

High quality works on a large scale…

  Ironclad Huascar

 Battleship Warspite

Escort Destroyer Burke

Battleship New Jersey

Missile Cruiser Port Royal

Protected Cruiser Ching Yuen

Ironclad Borodino

Submarine U-251

Submarine U-2540

Amazing dioramas in medium and small scale…
Battleship Richelieu

Battleships Bismarck & Tirpitz

Heavy Cruiser Indianapolis

USS Forrestal
Battleship Yamashiro

The sinking of Rio Tercero near New York coast

Aircraft carrier Dédalo
Missile Cruiser Varyag

LHD Essex

More than 650 scale model ships and 150 more to come…


Is time to be displayed, it is time to let them go

Erick Navas wants to show his work in a museum open to the public and can be seen by children, parents, veterans, sailors, etc. It is his contribution to connect people with history through these small boats.

Do you want to show the world´s largest collection of model ships in your museum?…

Please contact him:

Telephone number (Perú): 00 51 1 986020715
Facebook Fan Page: Erick Navas Modelismo Naval

Alemania DKM Bismarck 1:700
Alemania DKM H39 1:800
Alemania DKM Tirpitz 1:700
Alemania DKM U-100 1:700
Alemania DKM U-106 1:700
Alemania DKM U-107 1:350
Alemania DKM U-122 1:700
Alemania DKM U-123 1:700
Alemania DKM U-154 1:700
Alemania DKM U-156 1:700
Alemania DKM U-162 1:700
Alemania DKM U-166 1:350
Alemania DKM U-202 1:350
Alemania DKM U-2326 1:144
Alemania DKM U-38 1:350
Alemania DKM U-453 1:700
Alemania DKM U-47 1:700
Alemania DKM U-48 1:700
Alemania DKM U-505 1:700
Alemania DKM U-507 1:700
Alemania DKM U-552 1:700
Alemania DKM U-565 1:700
Alemania DKM U-592 1:700
Alemania DKM U-64 1:700
Alemania DKM U-83 1:700
China Chu Fang 1:350
China PLAN Dalian 133 1:350
China PLAN S-210 1:350
China PLAN S-324 1:350
China PLAN S-330 Yuan 39A 1:350
China PLAN Shenzhen 167 1:350
China PLAN Tong Ling 542 1:350
China PLAN Wuhan Type 033G 1:144
China PLAN Zhuihai 166 1:350
Egipto ENS 858 1:144
España SPS G-7 1:700
Francia FS Jean Bart 1:700
Francia FS Richelieu 1:700
Inglaterra HMS Ambush 1:700
Inglaterra HMS Artful 1:700
Inglaterra HMS Astute 1:700
Inglaterra HMS Astute 1:350
Inglaterra HMS Audacious 1:700
Italia RN Fiume 1:350
Italia RN Gorizia 1:350
Japón IJN I-400 1:700
Japón JMSDF Arashio 586 1:700
Japón JMSDF Asashio S-589 1:700
Japón JMSDF Fuyushio S-588 1:700
Japón JMSDF Harushio 583 1:700
Japón JMSDF Hayashio 585 1:700
Japón JMSDF Isoshio 594 1:700
Japón JMSDF Kuroshio 596 1:700
Japón JMSDF Makishio 593 1:700
Japón JMSDF Michishio 591 1:700
Japón JMSDF Mochisio S-600 1:700
Japón JMSDF Narushio S-595 1:700
Japón JMSDF Natsushio 584 1:700
Japón JMSDF Oyashio 590 1:700
Japón JMSDF Setoshio 599 1:700
Japón JMSDF Takashio S-597 1:700
Japón JMSDF Uzishio S-592 1:700
Japón JMSDF Wakashio 587 1:700
Japón JMSDF Yaeshio 598 1:700
Rusia B-227 Vyborg 1:700
Rusia B-260 Chita 1:700
Rusia B-261 Novorossiysk 1:144
Rusia B-394 Komsomolsk Tadjikistana 1:700
Rusia B-402 Vologda 1:700
Rusia B-404 Tyumensky Komsomolets  1:700
Rusia B-445 Svyatoi Nikolai Chudotvorets 1:700
Rusia B-459 Vledikavkaz 1:700
Rusia B-464 Ust'-Kamchatsk 1:700
Rusia B-800 Kaluga (ex Vologodskij komsomolets) 1:700
Rusia B-808 Yaroslavl 1:700
Rusia B-871 Alrosa 1:700
Rusia BPK Marshal Ustinov 1:700
Rusia BPK Moskva 1:700
Rusia BPK Ukrayina 1:700
Rusia BPK Varyag 1:700
Rusia K-119 Voronezh 1:700
Rusia K-132 Irkutsk 1:700
Rusia K-141 Kursk 1:700
Rusia K-148 Krasnodar 1:700
Rusia K-150 Tomsk 1:700
Rusia K-173 Krasnoyarsk 1:700
Rusia K-186 Omsk 1:700
Rusia K-263 Delfin 1:700
Rusia K-266 Orel 1:700
Rusia K-284 Akula 1:700
Rusia K-317 Pantera 1:700
Rusia K-322 Kashalot 1:700
Rusia K-331 Magadan 1:700
Rusia K-391 Bratsk 1:700
Rusia K-456 Vilyuchinsk  1:700
Rusia K-480 Ak Bars 1:700
Rusia TARKR Kalinin 1:700
Rusia TARKR Kirov 1:700
Rusia TARKR Pyotr Velikiy (Ex-Yury Andropov) 1:700
Rusia TK-12 1:700
Rusia TK-13 1:700
Rusia TK-17 Arkhangelsk 1:700
Rusia TK-20 Severstal 1:700
Rusia TK-202 1:700
Rusia TK-208 Dmitry Donskoy 1:700
USA SS Hope 1:471
USA USS Albuquerque SSN-706 1:700
USA USS Arizona 1:350
USA USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 1:700
USA USS Arthur W. Radford DDG-968 1:1250
USA USS Astoria 1:700
USA USS Atlanta SSN-712 1:700
USA USS Balao 1:700
USA USS Baltimore 1:700
USA USS Baltimore SSN-704 1:700
USA USS Batfish 1:700
USA USS Baton Rouge SS-689 1:700
USA USS Birmingham SSN-695 1:700
USA USS Boston 1:700
USA USS Boston SSN-703 1:700
USA USS Bremerton SSN-698 1:700
USA USS Buffalo SSN-715 1:700
USA USS Camberra CA-70 1:700
USA USS Charlotte 1:700
USA USS Cheyenne 1:700
USA USS Chicago SSN-721 1:700
USA USS Cincinnati SS-693 1:700
USA USS City of Corpus Christi SSN-705 1:700
USA USS Dallas SSN-700 1:700
USA USS Essex 1:700
USA USS Essex LHD-2 1:700
USA USS Forrest Sherman DDG-998 1:700
USA USS Franklin 1:700
USA USS Gato SS-212 1:700
USA USS George W. Bush 1:700
USA USS Greeneville SSN-772 1:700
USA USS Groton SSN-694 1:700
USA USS Harry W. Hill DDG-986 1:1250
USA USS Hoe S-258 1:700
USA USS Honolulu SSN-718 1:700
USA USS Houston SSN-713 1:700
USA USS Hyman G. Rickover SSN-709 1:700
USA USS Indianapolis SSN-697 1:700
USA USS Iowa 1:700
USA USS Iowa 1:700
USA USS Jacksonville SSN-699 1:700
USA USS Jimmy Carter 1:700
USA USS John Paul Jones DDG-53 1:700
USA USS Key West SSN-722 1:700
USA USS Kidd DDG-993 1:1250
USA USS La Jolla SSN-701 1:700
USA USS LCAC-27 1:700
USA USS LCAC-33 1:700
USA USS LCAC-46 1:700
USA USS LCAC-83 1:700
USA USS LCU-1653 1:700
USA USS LCU-1654 1:700
USA USS LCU-1661 1:700
USA USS Lexington 1:350
USA USS Los Angeles 1:700
USA USS Memphis SS-691 1:700
USA USS Mineapolis 1:700
USA USS Minneapolis–Saint Paul SSN-708 1:700
USA USS Missouri 1:700
USA USS Momsen DDG-92 1:700
USA USS New Jersey 1:700
USA USS New Jersey 1:700
USA USS New Jersey 1:700
USA USS New Orleans 1:700
USA USS New York City SSN-696 1:700
USA USS New York LPD-21 1:700
USA USS Norfolk SSN-714 1:700
USA USS Oklahoma City SSN-723 1:700
USA USS Olympia SSN-717 1:700
USA USS Omaha SS-692 1:700
USA USS Pampanito 1:700
USA USS Philadelphia SS-690 1:700
USA USS Phoenix SSN-702 1:700
USA USS Pittsburg 1:700
USA USS Pittsburgh SSN-720 1:700
USA USS Portsmouth SSN-707 1:700
USA USS Princeton CG-59 1:1250
USA USS Providence SSN-719 1:700
USA USS Quincy 1:700
USA USS Randall 1:375
USA USS Saint Paul CA-73 1:700
USA USS Salt Lake City SSN-716 1:700
USA USS San Francisco SSN-711 1:700
USA USS Seawolf SSN-21 1:700
USA USS Spruance DDG-963 1:1250
USA USS Tindercoga CG-47 1:1250
USA USS Toledo 1:700
USA USS Tuscaloosa 1:700
USA USS Vicennes CG-49 1:1250
USA USS Wahoo SS-238 1:700
USA USS Winsconsin 1:700